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Friday Five Interview: Sean McDowell

Today it’s an honor to interview Sean McDowell, a guy I have admired for some time. He’s the son of Josh McDowell, whose life and ministry has inspired thousands of seekers to come to faith in Christ. Sean is an educator, a thoughtful writer, and a speaker. Sean is a reknowned apologist, having written several books on Christian worldview. His latest is Is God Just a Human Invention? He is a popular conference speaker, Sean has spoken for organizations including Focus on the Family,Campus Crusade for ChristYouth SpecialtiesFellow of Christian Athletesand the Association of Christian Schools International.

Sean is head of the Bible Department at Capistrano Valley Christian Schools, where he teaches the courses on Philosophy, Theology, and Apologetics. Sean received the “Educator of the Year” for San Juan Capistrano, California in 2008. His apologetics training was awarded Exemplary Status by the Association of Christian Schools International.

Today, Sean was kind enough to stop by for The Friday Five: