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Hung Up on Santa

Today I read Jon Acuff's usual great mix of humor and wisdom in his post on the Santa Dilemma that usually affects Christians at Christmas. It got me thinking about our often misguided thinking on Christmas. I as fortunate enough to grow up in a Christian home that didn't get all freaked out by Santa and the Easter Bunny. My parents were practical. They figured that Santa was harmless and that there was no lasting faith damage to having their kids love an adorable fat read bearded guy. Just like Mickey Mouse, the Hardy Boys, and other "pretend" was okay. But, growing up in Churchworld, we did know people who got hysterical at Christmas. To the point where wrapping gifts in Santa paper brought a 1-hour lecture on how the culture was stealing Christmas from us. I thought it was weird that people of faith thought a few smart guys at Macy's...

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