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iFaith – Chapter 2 -Urgent Emails – The Prayer of the Desperate

I plan on posting key quotes from my upcoming release, iFaith, all the way through into January. Here are a few quotes from Chapter Two. Somewhere along the line, a famous preacher or best-selling author told us that if we “just trust in Jesus,” or if we “just give enough money,” or if we “just attend church faithfully,” or if we just “follow the rules,” then life will automatically get so much better. There are even whole books and sermons available that teach “the right kind of prayer” that triggers the blessings from heaven. But what happens when you follow Christ in faith and life gets worse? Here is another quote from chapter two, after a section where I describe a very personal story of a friend of ours who lost her husband and an examination of the life of Naomi, whose story is told in the Biblical book of Ruth:...

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Download Sample Chapter of iFaith

New Hope Publishers graciously allowed me to post a sample first chapter of my latest release, iFaith, Connecting to God in the 21st Century. This first chapter includes the table of contents, introduction, and first chapter. Hopefully it will give you an idea of the purpose of the book and whet your appetite for more: iFaith Sample ...

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