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It’s a Big Boy Game

On Sunday I enjoyed a rare privilege: since it was Father's Day, Angela and the kids allowed me to kick back and watch the NBA finals with the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. We don't have cable, so I was able to watch the game on broadcast--ABC 7 being one of the few channels that comes over on my flimsy HD antennae. Since my team, the Chicago Bulls are out of the playoffs (next year, though . . .), I have no dog in this fight. For about two years after Lebron "took his talents to South Beach" I nurtured a healthy "sports hate" for the Miami Heat. (Sports hate is different than actual hate. It's actually okay as a Christian to do this. I can't quote you Scripture and verse on this or a wise church father, but trust me, it's okay.) After Lebron and Miami won the...

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