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Who Are You Calling a Culture Warrior?

"People are tired of the culture war." "The culture war is over." "Christians need to stop being so political." "Christians are damaging the brand with their involvement in politics." Have you heard any of these statements lately? I have. And I've made these statements. Our generation is in the midst of a good discussion on the connection between faith and politics. We're a bit weary of a previous generation's highly partisan nature. We feel the Christian brand has been badly damaged. We're not culture warriors. Or so we think. Except isn't interesting how hypocritical we actually are. I was thinking about this the other day. There are some issues that have been labeled divisive. For instance, to be loudly pro-life is to be considered too partisan. Stop fighting the culture wars. Preach the gospel instead. Love people. And yet, if you were to replace your advocacy for the unborn with, say, advocacy for starving...

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Do We Need an Evangelical President?

It's the beginning of Republican primary season and most of us, though we try, can't help but be interested in the dynamics of the unfolding drama. It's the time when political conservatives come out in full force and when GOP candidates hit the hustings, pitching themselves as the solution to America's problems. One of the perennial questions, especially in the primary race, is the faith of the candidates. Many of them are quick to establisher their "evangelical bona fides." And it's the time when the media tries to figure out exactly what an evangelical is. What's even more interesting is our reaction to the media's attempt to define us. I think it says a lot about the depth of our faith. We're a typically reactive bunch. We don't like when the New York Times mischaracterizes us. We feel we have to stand up and push back. Hey, we're cool. We're not...

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