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Ravioli Parenting

As a kid, I loved eating ravioli and as an adult I still like eating it. It's one of my favorite meals. But as a Dad, ravioli has become my enemy. Why? Because it may be the single messiest meal for kids. You are pretty much guaranteed that if you give your sweet little infant a bowl of ravioli, they will end up with an epic sauce and noodle disaster. So I hate ravioli. My wife, however, doesn't seem to be so bothered by it. Every once in a while she will say to me, "Dan, should we have ravioli for dinner tonight?" I always look at her funny when she says this, as if she said, "Hey, how about we go ahead and sign ourselves up for an extra hour of dinner cleanup? Wouldn't that be fun?" Angela and I often see things like ravioli differently. I choose the path of...

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