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Why Should We Talk About Our Racial History?

In Southern Baptist Churches this Sunday we celebrate Racial Reconciliation Sunday. At the ERLC, we've developed quite a few resources for churches to use in their presentations. I'm grateful our denomination celebrates this, given our racial history and given how central this issue is to the gospel. In the Great Commission (Mathew 28:16), we see Jesus command us to take the gospel to "all nations" and in John's vision of the future Kingdom, we see a beautiful picture of all nations, tribes, and tongues gathering around the throne of God (Revelation 5:9; 7:9). In this video, Dr. Russell Moore of the ERLC and Dr. Matt Hall of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary discuss racial reconciliation and the church. I appreciate the very frank questions answered here, such as: "Why should we talk about our past. Can't we must move on?" and "Why should white people talk about this?" If you are a...

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Live What You Are Trying to Lead

Today for Leadership Journal I had the privilege of speaking with Bryan Loritts, lead pastor of Fellowship Memphis and the son of Crawford Loritts, the popular author and pastor. Bryan has written extensively and spoken on racial reconciliation in the church and pastors a congregation in one of the most racially tense areas of the country. One question I asked him was this: How can pastors and church leaders, of any race, promote racial reconciliation in their churches? First, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. When Paul writes Ephesians chapter 2, before he gets to our horizontal reconciliation in verse 11, he deals with our vertical reconciliation with God in verses 1-10. As he would say to the Corinthians, being reconciled to God through the substitutionary atoning work of Jesus Christ is of first importance. Second, be intentional. Race is a human social fabrication. Biologically there's no such thing (just one human race)....

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The Lincoln Movie and the Importance of Racial Reconciliation

I'm not a critic, so you won't often find here substantive, intelligent movie reviews. I do enjoy cinema, however and occassionally a movie comes along that is more than something to pass time while eating popcorn. Movies like this are conversation starters. "Did you see it? If not, you must!" Movies like this stay with you long after you've viewed them. They make you think. Lincoln, by Stephen Spielberg, is such a movie. I had the chance to see it last week and was profoundly moved. What's so interesting about viewing a movie about our 16th President is that we already know so much about him. In a sense, Lincoln is an icon, he's a caricature, he's a mythical figure. Towns and streets across the country bear his name. Volumes upon volumes have been written about him. He's on our currency. His historical greatness is so enshrined in our conciousness that there...

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