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Asking the Wrong Question in Salvation

"So you mean I can do whatever I want and still be a Christian?" I've been asked that question numerous times when sharing the gospel. It's a hard question to answer and mostly, up until recently, I would answer with a "Yes, but." sort of vague statement. Yes, technically, grace covers all of your sins, post salvation. But you shouldn't think this way because you should live for Jesus out of appreciation for what He did for you. But I'm finding that's a terrible response to an even more terrible question. And I think rather than answering someone's question of "Can I do what I want and still be a Christian?," we should tell them that the question they are asking belies something more troubling in their heart. Because if a seeking person needs this question answered before he will put his faith in Christ, then it reveals how fraudulent that faith might...

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Friday Five Interview: S. Michael Houdmann (Gotquestions.org)

This is the last of three classic Friday Five interviews I’m posting while our family enjoys some vacation time. This is with S. Michael Houdmann, founder and proprietor of Gotquestions.org, one of the most heavily trafficked Christian sites online. And believe it or not, this interview continues to be one of the most popular pages on my blog:

Last year, while attending the annual gathering of the IFCA, I stopped by a booth and met S. Michael Houdmann, a graduate of Calvary Bible College and Seminary. He introduced me to his powerful website, gotquestions.org. I remember thinking, “Why hadn’t I discovered this before?” Since that time I’ve regularly visited gotquestions.org. Its a unique ministry idea. Essentially they answer Bible questions every week, not just easy questions like “Who is Jesus?” but tough theological questions. And every single question is answered with Biblical precision and accuracy. I can’t tell you how many times I was preaching or counseling on a narrow theological idea and just needed a sort of launching point in Scripture and turned to gotquestions.org. They have an archive of thousands of questions and even have a page of FAQ, what they consider their most important questions about God and the Bible.

By the way, Got Questions is now available as an iPhone app.

I think gotquestions.org is one of the most profoundly useful tools to the Christian today. Today, we have the privilege of talking about gotquestions with its founder, S. Michael Houdman.

6 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Technology

Questions?photo © 2008 Valerie Everett | more info (via: Wylio)

Those of us who live and work and move around in this connected society are constantly grappling with a healthy balance when it comes to managing our use of technology.

On the one hand, we want to harness new and emerging tools to enhance our God-given life purpose and on the other hand, we don’t want to be enslaved. For every person, that fine line is in a different place.

There is no set holy list that determines who is a crazed tech junkie and who has their gadgets perfectly tuned to life. I think a more useful approach is to honestly ask ourselves a series of questions. These are the questions I’m asking myself. Perhaps they’re questions you might ask: