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5 Favorite Christian Punching Bags

I've never boxed. I've only seen Rocky I. And I think Mike Tyson is crazy. But as a Christian I do have a punching bag. In fact, I have several of them and so do you. These are rhetorical targets, things we love to hate as preachers, writers, bloggers, etc. I've you read a bestselling Christian book, listen to a sermon, read blogs, scan your Twitter feed and/or Facebook timeline, you'll be sure to encounter one or more of these. Here are my top five: 1) Most Evangelical Churches . . . . Yes, we like to stereotype most evangelical churches, don't we. I even wrote a post about this here. Even though we may have only personally visited seven other churches in our lives, we think we have authority to say, "Most churches . . . " and it's usually a negative thing. What's funny about this is that almost every...

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