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Mini-Reviews #10

Another batch of mini-reviews, this time the American History version: Eisenhower in War and Peace - Jean Edward Smith I was born in 1978, well after the era of Dwight David Eisenhower. So prior to this book he was only known to me from history books and a cursory knowledge of WWII. But I have always been interested in this man whose life and leadership impacted much of 20th century American life. Jean Edward Smith delivers a fair, honest portrayal of perhaps the last genuine American hero, a man cut from the cloth of a different era. What is so interesting about Eisenhower's life and leadership is that perhaps his only exceptional skill was his ability to navigate tough politics. This proved invaluable as Supreme Allied Commander and as President. Eisenhower's reputation as a hero gave him the stature to make tough decisions, to bring diverse and unbending egos together for greater missions. As...

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Does God Care Whether Tim Tebow Wins?

Writing in the Atlantic, Owen Strachan writes the column lot of us wanted to write, but couldn't. A great, great piece answering the question, "Does God want Tebow to win?" A key paragraph: But what happens when Tebow loses? What happens if my New England Patriots, a team I have loved since Dave Meggett was getting stuffed on every punt return and Drew Bledsoe was completing cannon-like passes to more sideline coaches than receivers, steamroll the Broncos, as they did earlier in the season? Has God capriciously retracted his blessing on this All-American golden-boy, who runs like a lion yet speaks like a Sunday-school teacher? Do yourself a favor and read the whole piece: Does God Care Whether Tim Tebow Wins on Saturday?...

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