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5 Things Leaders Can Learn From the Presidential Debates

So the Presidential debates are about a week behind us. This election is heading toward it's conclusion (Thankfully). Unlike previous election years, the debates have had a dramatic effect on the race. Personally, I have found them fascinating and interesting. And I wonder if Christian leaders can draw some lessons from these debates as we lead God's people. Here are five things that were obvious to me: 1) Leadership invites incredible scrutiny. Regardless of your political persuasion, you have to give both President Obama and Governor Romney credit for stepping forward and offering to serve America in the highest office in the land. In this 21st-century, the scrutiny of public leadership is every so tight. You have journalists and bloggers paid to extract the most inane of details, down to what a candidate orders at Wendy's and how that reflects upon what he'd do in the White House. Pastors don't face near...

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