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Preaching is Not Mere Communication

As a preacher I am solicited, more often than not, for services that will help me preach better. As a young, green pastor I'm grateful for many of these ministries. I increasingly want to be sharpened in my ability to deliver God's Word to God's people. However, there are some that seem, perhaps unintentionally, to reduce preaching to merely a form of communication. As if preaching is the same thing as giving a sales presentation or a talk to the local PTA. Now to be sure, those types of addresses are important and the people giving them should strive to improve. But preaching, my friends, is different. It's a holy calling. It's a sacred duty. This doesn't mean the preacher preaching is better than the guy giving the sales presentation and it doesn't mean he's higher in some sort of Heavenly food chain. It just means that preaching is a separate,...

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The Church and the Parachurch

I've only been a pastor for three years, but I've noticed one of the acute pressures of this role (a role that I thoroughly enjoy and cherish, by the way). It's the pressure to place emphasis on certain aspects of needed ministry in the church. And much of it comes from parachurch ministries. I'm generally a fan of parachurch ministries. I think they help the larger body of Christ by specializing in needed emphases such as child training, origins, special ethnic outreaches, and activism/politics. I'm deeply grateful for many of these ministries as they serve pastors by informing, training, and helping the church. And their resources are invaluable as we tackle these issues as they come up. But - and you knew one was coming - ministries that specialize in one area tend to look at the entire church through the eyes of their emphases. For instance, a creation ministry might feel...

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