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Writing, like anything worth doing, takes work . . . and love

I'm often asked by beginning writers how to "get started" in writing. How to get published. How to get that book on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. They assume I'm an expert, which I'm most assuredly not. Nonetheless, I have been writing for a while and here is my advice: Writing takes talent, yes, but is mostly the combination of a lot of work and a little love. I remember when I first got out of college and dreamt of being a writer. I had dreamy notions of a cabin in the mountains or a house by the beach. I'd listen to my favorite music and pound out thousands of words of beautiful prose every single day. I'd have publishers lining up outside my door and I'd be doing book tours, morning television, and would be an evangelical bestselling book hero. The real world of writing, I've learned in the intervening years,...

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