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Guest Post – 5 Reasons We Need Difficult People

Today, I'm honored to feature a guest post from my friend, Dave Jenkins, director of Servants of Grace Ministries.    Dealing with difficult people in a Christ-like manner maybe one of the most difficult ways to live out the gospel. Difficult, because this requires patience, a character trait even the most mature Christians struggle to display. It has been said that if you pray for patience, God will indulge you with opportunities to develop it. One of his mysterious ways is the sovereign placement of difficult people. These are the folks that only serve to annoy and frustrate. Everyone has a few of these folks in their lives and sometimes we serve that role in the live of others. If we choose, we can view difficult people as a problem or we can view them as the God’s sandpaper for polishing our rough and sinful edges. I’ve found five observations about dealing with difficult people: 1)  Dealing...

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The Theology of Waiting – iFaith – Chapter Two

Every Monday, for the next several weeks, I am posting a quote from my forthcoming book, iFaith, Connecting to God in the 21st Century. Today, a quote from the first chapter, entitled, "A History of Waiting." Nearly 50 times the Scripture implores us to wait because waiting is the DNA of faith. The root Hebrew word might imply “waiting with eager expectation.”2 In other words, believing, against the odds, that God will be faithful to His promise. This is a waiting that includes more than merely sitting idly by. It means holding on to your integrity, your values, your faith in God, even as circumstances seem to prove God wrong. It’s an anticipation and longing that runs deep into the soul. Our waiting years are God’s gym, where He builds in us a stronger heart muscle. This is growth that can’t be microwaved, truncated, or manufactured at warp speed. A...

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