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5 Ways You Can Help Your Church

So, yes, your church is imperfect. After a few weeks there you have realized this, I hope. You're pastor is either a bit boring or too over the top. You wish for a bit more depth in his messages or perhaps a bit more practical application. The music has too much drum or too much organ. The youth ministry needs more teaching or more pizza. And maybe you've read one of the rash of books telling us how the church has gotten it all wrong for all these years, why the youth are heading for the exists. So you're convinced that you're church needs to either get more missional, more doctrinal, more seeker-oriented. More something. Here's the thing. You're probably somewhat right. I'm guessing the church you attend has inadequacies. But it's likely that its served by staff who genuinely care about the Lord, about people, and about doing it right. They're...

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