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What Is Your Thing?

As a pastor I meet a lot of interesting Christians. I have people who attend my church, people who call or stop by to promote their ministry in our church, and/or people who send me information via email or mail. The common theme is that every Christian seems to have a "thing." That is to say the one theme of their life and their advocacy. For instance, there are those whose specialty is defending Genesis. For others it's Christian political activism. There are outreaches and emphases on Jewish ministry, men's ministry, Christian education, eschatology, and a host of other specific niches. Pastors get hit with appeals for these on an almost weekly basis. In one sense, I love this because it demonstrates how God has uniquely gifted and called individual Christians and ministries. Their laser-like focus helps educate and edify God's people. For the busy pastor, who sees the whole church, having...

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