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Play to Your Strengths

Today for Leadership Journal I interview the wildly popular author, speaker, and blogger, Jon Acuff. Besides being the proprietor of the very funny Stuff Christians Like blog, Jon is the author of several bestselling books, including his latest, Start. It was a wide-ranging interview in which Jon gave me some great thoughts. The first question I asked him was this: You’re known for writing humor that pokes fun at the evangelical culture. How important is humor for church leaders in their speaking ministry? I think it’s important. I would caution people this way: if you’re not funny or if it is not a gift, don’t feel you have to do it. If you’re not comfortable talking with a white board when you are speaking, don’t feel like you have to use one, even if it becomes popular. Play to your strengths. You should always use humor to some degree. But I would never tell somebody, “If you...

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5 Ways to Pray for Your Community

Last week Dan commented on my post: Nice post. Good points. But one that needs to be added is that church members pray to be burdened for the lost. That is the one thing I have found most lacking in the 2 established churches where I have served. Dan is right on the money. I presume Dan is a pastor and so he, like most pastors, see the need for churches to continually stoke the fire of evangelism. Dan's post inspired another set of "fives": Five Ways to Pray for Your Community: 1) Pray for the Holy Spirit to convict the hearts of men of their need for Christ.  In our community, something like 85% of people are unchurched. That means they don't attend a Bible-believing church at all. This is a staggering number. Which is why churches, instead of fighting over the 15% must go after the 85%. The churches in a given...

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