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Healing Generational Divides

There is so much conversation lately about Millennials and the Church. Seems every blogger has addressed this subject from one angle or another. After reading the blogs and counter-blogs, it seems to me that the crux of the matter involves two things: a) a vast exaggeration of what generations think of each other, as if everyone born in a certain time period automatically approaches their faith the same way and b) the inability or unwillingness of various people groups, generations, to listen to each other well. The former has been addressed at length already. But I'm not sure the latter problem--listening--is discussed enough. As a thirty-something, I'm right at the edge of Generation X and looking behind me at Millennials. I consider myself a Millennial in many respects, though I disagree with some of the characterization of this generation and even the overuse of the term. What worries me the most about...

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People Want a Church to Be a Church

This week I had a chance to interview Brett McCracken. Brett teaches at Biola and is a keen cultural observer. I've always enjoyed his work. He has written two books. The first, Hipster Christianity created quite a splash when it came out. He pushed back against the attempt by the Church to be "cool." Recently Brett wrote a terrific piece on Millenials for The Washington Post. Now Brett has a new book out, Gray Matters, where he dives into delicate territory. How does the church handle the "gray areas" of life that are not specifically spelled out in Scripture and how does the Church handle it's consumption of culture in a way that doesn't lean to libertinism or legalism? One of the questions I asked Brett was this one: Pastors and church leaders wrestle with this question all the time—making decisions on worship styles, programming, and their own personal choices. What advice would you give to church...

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