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Trashing Politicians: The New Spectator Sport

Politicians may be the most despised people on the planet today. It's quite fashionable to trash them and it is socially acceptable. But is it right for a Christian? I get a ton of grief on Facebook when I ever defend someone with whom the majority of evangelicals disagree. For instance, even posting "Pray for the President" elicits angry comments from normally very nice Christian people. Or at times I've defended politicians over what I considered cheap shots. I've been called liberal, soft. Even a few friends have said, "Dan you've really become liberal." What's funny is that my personal political convictions are very conservative, but I just don't hate politicians who see it a different way. So that makes me liberal, I guess. I don't always get this right and sometimes I descend into the easy and cheap joke at a public figure's expense. And I've been guilty of posting or...

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Can We Stop Bashing the Church Now?

This is an early preview of my Crosswalk Column for next week:

If I had a dollar for every Debbie Downer book on the American church, I’d make Warren Buffet look like a poverty-stricken college freshman.

It seems every single day, Christian pollsters, pastors, authors, and just ordinary folks are telling us that the American church is basically fat, lazy, and doesn’t care. And if we don’t do certain things (the seven points in their book), the church will cease to exist.

But I don’t see it. In fact, I’m excited about the next generation of believers, especially among the young people I see.