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Mark Buchanan’s Writing Rhythm

Mark Buchanan is one of my favorite authors. He's a pastor, a teacher, and a man who can really turn a phrase. I had the chance to interview Mark last week for Leadership Journal. One of the questions I asked was this: What is your writing rhythm? Are you an early morning writer, a late-night writer? I write almost everything I produce—books, blogs, or articles—in a 4–5 hour block every Friday. I awake around 6:30 AM. I exercise, shower, eat, make coffee, read 2 chapters of Scripture and a few pages each of theology and history. Then, around 9 AM, I fire up the computer, and buckle down. I usually write until 2:00 PM (with a brief lunch break around 12:30). I try to finish shorter magazine pieces (under 1000 words) in a single sitting. Longer pieces, in two. When I''m working on a book, I don''t grant myself permission to leave...

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Mini Book Reviews

I've been reading a lot lately. Here are two mini-reviews of two rather excellent books: A God Sized Vision by Collin Hansen and John Woodbridge. I loved this book for many reasons. It's a novel idea--to present a basic history of revival. Revival is a subject I had little knowledge of, other than being part of "revival meetings" at times. What Hansen and Woodbridge describe are historic movements of the Spirit upon a nation or group of people. What I love is that they don't whitewash the warts of the leaders in each movement, they chronicle the excesses of movements, and they generally put forward the idea that revival in a country is something that God decides to do when He decides to do it. But, as people of God, it's something we should pray for. This book really inspired me to pray harder and longer for revival in our midst. I'm...

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