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Friday Five: Michael Kelley

If you’re involved with a small group, attend Sunday-School, or attend a Bible study in your area, it’s likely you are dependent on Bible study curriculum, produced by Lifeway, Group, or other evangelical organizations. Well, who write this stuff? Today, we peel back the curtain as my friend, Michael Kelley, editor of Lifeway’s adult curriculum line, stops by for today’s Friday Five:

What distinguishes Lifeway’s resources from the plethora of small-group/Bible study stuff out there?

Hopefully a few things. Lifeway has a reputation of being first and foremost biblically sound. That’s something we take very seriously and will, by God’s grace continue into the future. Threads are resources geared toward young adults and are built on a few foundational principles:

Depth: We want depth to characterize the whole experience from the level of intimacy and sharing to the knowledge base.
Community: These Bible studies assume a discussion built around them rather than a lecture form of teaching. They are built to force personal engagement and introspection that is then shared in a group setting.
Responsibility: Young adults are, in many ways, leading the charge in the church to change the world. Issues of both evangelism and social justice are forefront in their minds and these studies assume a desire to bring the gospel to bear in the world.
Connection: We also want to encourage cross-generational ministry; connecting with people outside your specific demographic rather than each age group being a church unto themselves.

Book Review – 5 Ministry Killers by Dr. Charles Stone

What if you could give a pastor truth serum and ask him what ministry is really like? Behind the plastered-on smile and steady handshake are often men of God who struggle with depression, burnout, disappointment, and sin. And yet, God continues to call ordinary men to the most extraordinary position as shepherd of God’s people. As a young and learning pastor myself, I’m humbled by the opportunity to stand in God’s place and speak the Word to His people. What a holy, humble, and high calling. One of my good friends in ministry, Dr. Charles Stone, has written a powerful new book, 5 Ministry Killers. Charles rips the mask off of the ministry and reveals the heart of what it is like to be a pastor, going in depth into five areas that rob the joy and steal the fruit of a pastor’s ministry. Stone compiles research from respected evangelical polling centers...

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