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5 Reflections on My First Year of Seminary

Even though I've been in ministry for several years, writing, pastoring, preaching, I made the decision last year to apply at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. By some miracle of divine providence, I got in and by another miracle of divine providence, I finished a year. Because I'm doing this while I'm pastoring and writing, it will likely take me five years to complete my degree. So what do I think after a year of seminary? Here are five reflections: 1) To attend seminary is a privilege. One of the frequent prayers we make in our formation group is this, "Dear God, thank you for the rich privilege to study at such a good seminary." Most pastors and ministry workers around the world are not afforded the rich theological resources available to Americans. There's a lot of complaining going on in the Church today about seminary, lot's of questions about higher education, etc. But...

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