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Thy Kingdom Come

I'm currently in the midst of a series on The Lord's Prayer. This past Sunday I preached on the phrase: "They Kingdom Come." I came across some great quotes in preparation: From Ray Pritchard's excellent book, And When You Pray:  Consider the matter this way. Every time you pray you must say one of two things. Either you pray, “Your kingdom come,” or you pray, “My kingdom come.” Those are the only two possibilities. But note carefully: When you pray, “Your kingdom come,” you must of necessity also pray: “My kingdom go.” God’s kingdom cannot “come” unless your kingdom is going to “go” They both can’t coexist at the same time and place. From D.A. Carson's commentary, Jesus' Sermon on the Mount:  "Your kingdom come.” Christians ought not to pray this prayer lightly or thoughtlessly. Throughout the centuries, followers of Jesus suffering savage persecution have prayed this prayer with meaning and fervor. But I suspect that...

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The Kingdom of Disney and the Kingdom of God

As I write this, our family is wrapping up a long vacation in Orlando, Florida. We took our kids to a long-awaited, much-anticipated trip to Disney World. Specifically we spent our time at the Magic Kingdom, the epicenter of Disney world. Even though it was a herculean effort to lead four children through the teaming masses of people at the park (a clerk told us it was the busiest day of the year, go figure), we had a thoroughly enjoyable time. It was way more fun than I envisioned and our kids had a grand time. I was struck by the idea of Disney World. Christians have long had their beefs with this iconic entertainment company. There was the famous ill-fated boycott in the 90's. There is the company's profiteering off of violent media. And some feel that Disney introduces secular themes through the cute back door of seemingly innocent characters....

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