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Let My People Go – Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Today, January 11th, is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. To help raise awareness of the scourge of human trafficking around the world, I asked my good friend, Kathi Macias to write a guest post. Kathi is a prolific, award-winning author, but the book she wrote that most touched me was her novel, Deliver Me From Evil that put a face to human trafficking. You can read my review. But first, read Kathi's informative post about this all important issue:  The term “human trafficking” or “trafficking in persons” (TIP) often draws raised eyebrows and skeptical expressions—until statistics are laid out to show that approximately 27 million people are enslaved today, whether for the purposes of slave labor, prostitution, or involuntary organ “donations.” The Salvation Army has made the rescue of those enslaved around the world their number-one goal at this time, holding seminars and conferences to educate people and to garner support from various...

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A Novel Every Christian Should Read

I realize that there are many Christians who are ambivalent or even opposed to Christian fiction. I've never shared that belief, because I think fiction has a way of bringing important issues to light in a way that may be impossible for straightforward treatises. But even if you are someone who eschews novels, I'd urge you to take a look at Deliver Me From Evil a powerful and disturbing new novel written Kathi Macias, an accomplished author who also happens to be a great friend. I've known Kathi for a few years and she has become a great friend. We also happen to be fellow New Hope authors. A few years ago, Andrea Mullins, publisher at New Hope, made a decision to launch into fiction for the first time in the history of the publishing house. But her desire was to do fiction in a way that was different, specifically fiction that...

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Friday Five Interview: Kathi Macias

Kathi Macias is a great friend and a fellow New Hope author. She is a prolific author, having written nearly 30 books and ghost-written numerous others. She has taught and coached writers at conferences around the country is an in-demand public speaker at women's conferences. My wife is actually reading [amazon ASIN="1596692049"]How to Keep a Tight Ship When You're Surrounded by Loose Cannons[/amazon], which she says has already provided her with a lot of laughs and much inspiration for raising our three children. 1) You've been writing and speaking for a long time--what first stirred in your heart the passion to put words on paper? I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to write. I was reading before I started kindergarten and just seemed to have an ongoing love affair with words. When my husband, Al, (then boyfriend) and I were walking home from school one day in junior high...

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