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Evangelism as a Journey Instead of a Deal

I've been reading quite a few books on evangelism lately for some of my Mdiv work at Trinity. I don't agree with all that I have read, but one of the things that I think I'm learning is the simple idea that evangelism is less of a "deal" that we must close and more of a journey, a conversation we must initiate. The passion to win people to saving knowledge of Christ is good, but sometimes in our zeal we misguidedly think we, and only we, are the ones who have to witness the conversion. And we put all kinds of undue pressure on ourselves to get it all right. In reality, it is the Holy Spirit who does the saving. We are simply ambassadors. We share this great story. Empowered by the Holy Ghost, we go into the world and deliver the message. And sometimes it is our message that needs...

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