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Wrestling With Political Engagement

My friend, Jonathan Merritt, has recently released a book, A Faith of Our Own that has generated some good discussion online. To summarize, Jonathan is the son of Dr. James Merritt, a prominent Southern Baptist pastor and onetime president of the SBC. A Faith of Our Own chronicles a growing desire among millennial Christians to reexamine evangelical political engagement. I reviewed the book here and felt that, despite some weaknesses, this was a worthy book. What makes Jonathan different than the rash of books that have been released in recent years (Alisa Harris' Raised Right, for example) is that Jonathan is still fairly conservative in both political beliefs and theological practice. He is on staff at his father's church at Crosspointe Church outside Atlanta. And if you read his Twitter stream, he is clear about his belief in the gospel. In other words, unlike many voices in our generation, he has not replaced a fondness for...

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Book Review: A Faith of Our Own

How do evangelicals of the millennial generation engage the culture differently than their parents? This is a question that has been raised with great frequency over the course of the last several years. The latest offering is A Faith of Our Own by Jonathan Merritt, an articulate voice with roots in America's largest Protestant denomination, The Southern Baptist Convention. Merritt speaks whereof he writes, as the son of a former SBC President and eyewitness to the rough-and-tumble culture wars of a previous generation. This book is at times a memoir and at times a chronicle of today's shifting evangelical attitudes toward politics. It has many strong points with which I agree. Like Jonathan, I feel that the lust for power, a seat at the table, has at times corrupted the simplicity and purity of the Church's central message. For many, the word "evangelical" means a certain brand of conservative politics. At times, we've gotten so preoccupied...

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Friday Five Interview: Jonathan Merritt

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Today I have the privilege of chatting with Jonathan Merrit. I’ve been following the work of Jonathan in the last couple years as God has given him a platform to speak and write on subjects relevant to a younger generation of evangelicals. Southern Baptists will know Jonathan as the son of Dr. James Merritt, a past President of the Southern Baptist Convention and a reknowned pastor and teacher.

Jonathan is a thoughtful writer, speaking on the intersection of orthodox Christian faith and culture. He is author of Green Like God: Unlocking the Divine Plan for Our Planet (2010), which Publisher’s Weekly called “a must-read for churchgoers,” offers a biblical justification for care of creation. His work has appeared in respected outlets such as USA Today, The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionThe Washington Post’s “On Faith,” BeliefNet, Christianity Today, and CNN.com. Jonathan is also the editor of Q.