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Killing the Jerk Gene in Leadership

In a defense of polarizing NBA superstar, Lebron James, sportswriter, Rick Reilly wrote this: You think of the great athletes of our generation -- Jordan, Woods, Lance Armstrong. They all had a bit of the jerk gene in them. James is missing it. He is loved by his teammates, not feared. So sue. I'm not a big fan of Lebron James or the Miami Heat (if you've read my Twitter feed, you'll most certainly know this). I'm a Bulls fan that who feels it is a moral imperative for the Miami Heat to continually lose. That heavy bias aside, Reilly's piece was spot-on. Lebron is hated by sports fans, in many ways, because he's not a jerk like Michael or Woods or others. He's not cutthroat. The question is this: must you have a "jerk gene" to be a great leader? I've heard this conversation, not simply about athletes, but leaders of all...

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