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Blue Screen Faith – Chapter Four of iFaith

If you work with a computer as your main tool, as I do, the one thing you dread is to flip it open and see the Blue Screen of Death. This means that you're computer won't work for you and likely has to be reformated or replaced. Unless you know a magical friend who can do miracles on laptops. Well, sometimes life hands us Blue Screens, moments and seasons where nothing or nobody seems to be working for us. I devoted chapter four of iFaith to this idea. Here is an excerpt: Life seemed way too big for my abilities. God had placed me in unique positions of influence, authority, and responsibility and so the inevitable doubts circulated in my head. I can’t do this. I’ll find a way to mess this up. I’m not like those other guys. During this time God brought me a refreshing resource. A friend suggested Dr....

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