Reboot Your Life

Sometimes you just need to reboot your computer and sometimes you need to reboot your life. Elijah realized this. In 1 Kings 19, we see the raw human side of this fiery prophet of God. His lessons are powerful lessons for today’s connected generation. I flesh that out in great detail in chapter five if […]

10 Digital Resolutions for the New Year

photo © 2009 Robert S. Donovan | more info (via: Wylio) I have been a tech junkie ever since my dad came home with one of the very first personal computers— the TI-99 4A. I consider myself a charter member of “the connected generation.” I’ve always known life to be lived at warped speed and […]

Win a Free Autographed Copy of iFaith

Interested in a free autographed copy of iFaith? I’m going to give 5 free copies away, but with a few conditions: 1) You must first download the free first chapter of iFaith here and then comment on this blog post that has the free chapter. 2) Agree to write a review on, Barnes and […]