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A Commitment to Holiness and Humility

I had the privilege of interviewing Rev. Samuel Rodriquez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. Rodriquez is a well-known speaker who represents the growing Hispanic evangelical population. I asked him about a recent honor he received: You were the first Latino leader to give a commemorative address at Dr. Martin Luther King's annual commemorative event. Was that opportunity a dream come true? Beyond a dream come true, the opportunity graciously rendered serves as a testimony to the purpose and promise of God for each of our lives. When I was 14 years of age, I saw a television special on Dr. King when a still small voice in my heart prompted me to write, "One day, God will enable me to connect with Dr. King's family as I serve our communities." With a commitment to holiness and humility, all things are possible. I also asked Rodriquez about immigration reform and the...

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Understanding the Hispanic Culture

I was pleased to listen to this broadcast (embedded below) on Focus on the Family, featuring Samuel Rodriguez, President of National Hispanic Leadership Conference, a Hispanic Evangelical organization. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of some of America’s leading Evangelical organizations such as: Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, National Association of Evangelicals, and Christianity Today. What I appreciated about this interview was Rodriguez explanation of the Hispanic culture's emphasis on the family. Currently there are 50 million Hispanics in America, 16-18 million of whom are evangelical Christians. Rodriguez explained that in their culture, church and family are vital. I think this is important for believers to understand. Some feel threatened by the rise of the Hispanic minority in the United States, but this vast migration of peoples is actually helping to restore a good emphasis on faith and family. I think pastors and church leaders would be wise to listen...

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