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The Last Evangelical Hipster

Yes, here is one more blog post opining on the Duck Dynasty kerfuffle. Like the man I work for, Dr. Russell Moore, I'm not fan of reality TV. And as a child of suburban Chicago, I don't really fit the Duck Dynasty demographic, though it's widespread appeal clearly shows that the show resonates with more than bearded backwoods hunters. I've never watched one single episode. And I've been pretty proud of myself for that. However, this moment in American culture demonstrates a shift. We are entering an increasingly post-Christian age where true followers of Jesus will no longer be affirmed for their beliefs. To be sure, the comments by the Duck Dynasty chieftain were not in the spirit of Jesus' model of truth and grace. But as we saw with the Lou Giglio flap earlier this year, those who demand widespread acceptance of a new cultural sexual ethic don't discriminate between...

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