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God Doesn’t Care if It Plays in Peoria

I've been watching some of the news reports regarding the accusations made against Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain. I have no idea if the charges against him or true. Only God, Herman Cain, and the accusers do. When the first accuser came out I thought perhaps it might be a political dirty trick, an opposing campaign or a media campaign against a conservative candidate. But now that there has been five women who have stepped forward, it's a bit hard for me to believe that this is some coordinated attack. Perhaps there's a pattern here. What's most distressing to me is the way that Mr. Cain, a man I admired and was actually considering voting for, has handled this whole situation. He's shown no remorse. He's blamed other candidates. Then he's blamed the media. Now, to be fair, I think he has a right to defend himself and his honor, especially...

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