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On Writing: “Strap Yourself to a Desk and Grind.”

I enjoy good sportswriters, mainly because I absolutely love sports, but also because I think sportswriting is among the best writing on the planet. Guys like Thomas Lake at SI, Bill Simmons, Rick Reilly, Gene Wojciechowski and the Grantland guys at ESPN, Jason Whitlock at Fox Sports, David Haugh at the Chicago Tribune--these guys are among my favorites and there are many more I read. Sportswriters have to write quickly, on deadline, and have to write in a very tight fashion. They write for a very critical crowd: passionate sports fans. They have to be serious and funny and creative all at the same time, all without being too cute. Even if you don't like sports (and if so, I'll get on my knees and pray for your soul), you might appreciate sportswriting for the sheer value and quality of the writing. Which leads me to a quote I heard on an edition...

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Dad and the Value of Hard Work

In my weekly Crosswalk devotional, I wrote about how my Dad's insistence on making me work helped mold me into a man: It was 6 am and while the rest of my friends were sleeping in, dreaming of two weeks filled with Nintendo, cookies, and hanging out, I was putting on every layer of clothes I could find. I was getting up and getting dressed against my will, forced to face a frigid environment with no bathrooms, no Christmas cookies, and hard, dirty labor. I didn’t like it one bit. But I was doing it because my father made me do it. Yes, while every other junior high kid wasted away his Christmas break I was toiling on some construction site alongside my dad, a licensed plumber who owned his own business. Dad had this antiquated idea that boys should learn how to work hard at a young age. I thought it was cruel...

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