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Relationships of Worship and Delight

This week I had the privilege of interviewing Gary Thomas, the author of several books, including, Sacred Marriage, Sacred Parenting, and others. My wife and I have been personally blessed by Gary's work and we have used them in our ministry. I asked Gary about communicating a biblical model of marriage in a culture that has largely rejected it: How can church leaders communicate that model of marriage in a winsome way? First, of course, we need to "communicate it" through our lives. The consequences of pastoral failure in marriage can be severe; I've seen entire youth groups turn away from or at least grown significantly colder toward God as a result of a pastor's fall. Second, we have to show the joys of spiritual partnership. Selfishness gets boring, so trying to build marriages on self-centered ends wont work; its a short-term fix.Creating a sense of spiritual purpose, partnership, and connecting marriage more closely to...

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