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Win a Free Autographed Copy of iFaith

Interested in a free autographed copy of iFaith? I'm going to give 5 free copies away, but with a few conditions: 1) You must first download the free first chapter of iFaith here and then comment on this blog post that has the free chapter. 2) Agree to write a review on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com and Christianbook.com. Also, post a review on your blog (a blog that must be a regularly updated blog) and send at least two links to your review from your social networks (Facebook/Twitter, preferrably). 3) You can't be blogger that I've already contacted or is on my list of folks who have interviewed/blogged about my previous books. You can't be someone who has ever received a review copy of any of my books previously. 4) Promise to pass the book along to a a key influencer (pastor, youth pastor, small group leader, home bible study leader, media personality, blogger,...

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