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5 (Actually 6) Words for Millennial Christians

A lot has been written and said about the millennial generation in the church. Though the exact parameters are vague, millennials are generally thought to have been born somewhere between 1980-1999. Essentially we're talking about the new generation of Christian leaders, at or around 30 years old. I was born in 1978, so I may or may not be millenial :). We are a generation characterized by action, by activism, by new resurgent interests in orthodoxy and theology. In many ways, it's a great time for the church. But with every movement comes pitfalls and cautions. And so as a young leader, I just wanted to offer six words leaders in my generation may want to consider: Humility. As young leaders, are often infused with great confidence and conviction. "Let's go change the world." This is a good instinct, but we must guard against a sort of generational pride. This is the idea that...

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5 Ways to Pray for Your Community

Last week Dan commented on my post: Nice post. Good points. But one that needs to be added is that church members pray to be burdened for the lost. That is the one thing I have found most lacking in the 2 established churches where I have served. Dan is right on the money. I presume Dan is a pastor and so he, like most pastors, see the need for churches to continually stoke the fire of evangelism. Dan's post inspired another set of "fives": Five Ways to Pray for Your Community: 1) Pray for the Holy Spirit to convict the hearts of men of their need for Christ.  In our community, something like 85% of people are unchurched. That means they don't attend a Bible-believing church at all. This is a staggering number. Which is why churches, instead of fighting over the 15% must go after the 85%. The churches in a given...

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