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My Favorite Books of 2011

I had the opportunity to read quite a few great books in 2011. Not quite as many (101) as my friend, Aaron Armstrong, but I read quite a few. Here are my top ten books. You'll notice they are not necessarily all books that were published in 2011, but books I had the chance to read this year. Unbroken by Lauren Hildenbrand Lou Zamperini's His life as told inUnbroken is a powerful story, a reminder of the sovereignty and grace of God in the life of one man, lived during one of the most ominous periods of world history. Bonhoeffer by Erik Metaxes Bonhoeffer is a book I highly recommend. It is a weighty, important biography of a man used greatly by God. Bonhoeffer was unsuccessful in taking down Hitler, but his life has become an inspiration for Christian boldness, faith, and cross-bearing in the many decades since he was martyred. I have a feeling that this is the book Eric Metaxas...

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