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“No, You’re Daddy!”

Almost two weeks ago, I witnessed the birth of my fourth child, Lily Mae. Even though this was the fourth time I've seen a child of mine enter the world, the miracle never lessons in it's beauty. There is nothing quite like standing in the hospital room and holding your own flesh and blood, moments after they came into the world. The entire process of birth is a wonder, evidence that in this often gloomy, messed-up world, there is still hope. Because God still values life enough to allow it to happen. I'm reminded of the 2nd verse of Bill and Gloria Gaither's hymn, "Because He Lives" which reads: How sweet to hold a newborn baby, And feel the pride and joy he gives: But greater still, the calm assurance; This child can face uncertain days, because He lives! It's funny, you always dream of marriage and fatherhood, but then one day you're standing there...

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