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The Ethics of a Church Protest Blog

It's become more and more popular: a group of disgruntled church members set up a website to "protest" the church leadership of a big and established congregation. In the last two years, there have been protest sites set up against prominent megachurches like Bellevue Baptist Church in Tennessee (Adrian Roger's old church), Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (once pastored by the late Dr. James Kennedy and now pastored by Tullian Tchivigian), The Crystal Cathedral (Robert Schuler), and Covenant Life Church (Josh Harris/CJ. Mahaney). I'm sure there are other situations that I'm not aware of. My question is this. Is it biblically ethical to publicly post complaints about your experiences at another church? It may be your "right" as an American, but as a follower of Christ, can you justify putting the dirty laundry of the family of God online for all to consume? I'm not so sure it is. We all know that churches will...

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