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Speaking with Grace: The gospel and the way we speak

Over at ERLC.com, I'm in the midst of a series of blog posts on speaking with grace in the culture. Here's the second in this series:  Mark DeMoss is a longtime public relations consultant who has represented some of the most well known evangelical figures such as Jerry Falwell and Chuck Colsen. DeMoss has also served as an adviser for several presidential candidates. In 2009, conservative DeMoss teamed up with liberal Lanny Davis to create the Civility Project. Both men, informed by their Christian faith, were deeply convicted by the caustic rhetoric consistently employed by both sides of our political divide. The two men sent letters to every sitting member of Congress and every governor with a simple request. Would each public servant sign this simple pledge? I will be civil in my public discourse and behavior. I will be respectful of others whether or not I agree with them. I will stand against incivility...

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Activist Faith Releases Next Week

It's hard to believe, but that moment the every author dreams of is here. My fifth book, Activist Faith, is releasing next week with Navpress. This is unique of all my books for several reasons, not the least is that its my first collaboration. I cowrote Activist Faith with my two friends, Dan King and Dillon Burroughs. Dan is a gifted writer, blogger, activist. Dillon is a multi-published author, speaker, and professor. The idea behind this book is simple: let's take twelve hot-button issues in the culture and a) explore why Christians should engage them and b) offer ways that individuals and churches and help solve these issues, locally and outside of politics. We're not advocating a retreat from the public square by any stretch, but we're simply reminding Christians that there are great ways to solve problems that don't involve campaigns and picket signs and Facebook posts. If you'd like...

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The Political Idol

Okay, I had a terrific interview with cultural commentator and author, Eric Metaxas about a wide-range of things including civic engagement, the role of the Church in culture, evangelical subcultures, and the controversial White House Prayer Breakfast. It was brought to my attention that the section of the interview I had previously highlighted might have been controversial in the sense that it didn't give the full context of Eric's remarks and given the impression that I agree with the idea that Christians generally create "subpart art." Alas, that's not my intention at all. So rather than stoke a controversy, I decided to highlight another portion. In this section I asked Eric about the tension Christians face between civility and courage: To be merely and nakedly political and to say things and advocate for issues in an uncivil manner will create an idol of politics and results. To worship that idol is...

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