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5 Reasons to Rejoice in an Election Season

Yes, you read that right. There are actually reasons to rejoice in a presidential campaign season filled with rumor, innuendo, nastiness, and vitriol from both sides. Like you, I'm a bit tired already and the campaign has hardly begun. But, I've been thinking that there are many silver linings in an election season. Here are five: 1) You can rejoice because you live in America and not Cuba. Think about it, nations governed by totalitarian regimes don't feature nasty political campaigns. Nobody in Cuba or North Korea is complaining about dinner-time robo calls, nasty mailers, or grainy, fear-inducing half-true TV ads. There are no elections, real elections. Only strong-armed dictators who rule by the sword. Consider that in our country you can utter the most vitriolic statements about the current politicians in office and not get sent to jail or have your business taken away or have your family threatened with death. I...

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Friday Five: Amy Black

Dr. Amy Black is Associate Professor of Political Science and chair of the department of Politics & International Relations at Wheaton College (IL). Amy is a specialist in American Government, her research interests include religion and politics and Congress. Her latest books include Beyond Left and Right: Helping Christians Make Sense of American Politics and her forthcoming release: Honoring God in Red and Blue, Approaching Politics with Humility, Grace, and Reason.  In Beyond Left and Right, you sought to transcend the back and forth partisanship we experience in our political system. But critics might say that partisanship is an essential part of American democracy. Is it? American government would be possible without political parties; indeed, the framers thought they had created a party-less system.  But I do think political parties enhance American democracy in very important ways.  Parties serve many constructive purposes such as helping unify like-minded individuals, helping organize and simplify elections, and...

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Do We Need an Evangelical President?

It's the beginning of Republican primary season and most of us, though we try, can't help but be interested in the dynamics of the unfolding drama. It's the time when political conservatives come out in full force and when GOP candidates hit the hustings, pitching themselves as the solution to America's problems. One of the perennial questions, especially in the primary race, is the faith of the candidates. Many of them are quick to establisher their "evangelical bona fides." And it's the time when the media tries to figure out exactly what an evangelical is. What's even more interesting is our reaction to the media's attempt to define us. I think it says a lot about the depth of our faith. We're a typically reactive bunch. We don't like when the New York Times mischaracterizes us. We feel we have to stand up and push back. Hey, we're cool. We're not...

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