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New Book Trailer for Activist Faith

Here is the slick new video trailer NavPress produced for our new book, Activist Faith, to be released in July. This is a new project coauthored with my friends, Dillon Burroughs and Dan King. Check it out: Resources:  Preorder on Amazon Activist Faith Website Activist Faith on Facebook Activist Faith on Twitter ...

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Friday Five: Charles Powell

Earlier this week I posted a review of Kathi Macias’ explosive new novel that puts a human face on human trafficking here in America. It’s a book I encouraged every believer to read.

Today, I continue the discussion about human trafficking with an interview of Charles Powell, coauthor with Dillon Burroughs of Not in My Town (also published by New Hope).

Charles is a justice activist, film producer, conference speaker, and founder of Mercy Movement, a grassroots movement to abolish human trafficking and slavery. Over the past three decades Charles has been trained in counterterrorism and police investigation, worked as a bodyguard for royalty, and lived undercover during the war on drugs. He now uses his unique background to investigate and stop modern slavery in the US and beyond. Powell lives in Northeast Georgia.

Not in My Town not only exposes the scourge of human trafficking in our midst, it also gives practical ways to fight it. Charles was kind enough to stop by for today’s Friday Five:


Thirst No More – New Devo for 2012

My good friend, Dillon Burroughs has a brand-new 1-year devotional out entitled, Thirst No More. Now is a great time to start shopping for a devotional for 2012 and Dillon’s looks like a terrific one for the coming year. I had the privilege of endorsing it:

“Dillon Burroughs provides a cup of cool water to those longing for deep satisfaction for their souls.”

Dr. Erwin Lutzer of Moody Church wrote this:

“This devotional provides seed thoughts for reading the Scripture so that all of us can find guidance and light for each day. Best of all, you can share your insights with others who participate in this journey along with you!”

Below you will find an interview with Dillon about this book. He’s also offered to give away five books to the first five people to comment on this post. If you’re one of the first five, I will contact you via email.

Friday Five Interview: Dillon Burroughs

Dillon Burroughs is one of my very good friends. He is the author of way more books than you can count, including his latest [amazon ASIN=”0736921214″]What Can Be Found in Lost[/amazon]? He is on staff at the Ankerberg Theological Research Institute, working with renowned apologist John Ankerberg on many important books addressing current issues from a Christian worldview.

I have always known Dillon to be a thoughtful observer of the culture and a rock-solid apologist for the Christian faith. A graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, Dillon is married to his lovely wife Deborah and they have three children.

You can follow Dillon at his website: readdb.com.

1) You work for John Ankerberg, who produces a terrific show and has written many books on apologetics and worldview. Tell us a little bit more about this ministry and a bit about what you do.

It’s an amazing ministry that pioneered the use of television to teach Christian worldview. It now reaches into over 180 countries on television, airs a daily radio program on over 700 outlets, and is known as a key place for people looking for information on presenting and defending the Christian faith. I’m honored to serve alongside Dr. Ankerberg and many of the guests who appear on our program, ranging from Lee Strobel, Dr. Gary Habermas, Dr. Norman Geisler, and many more.