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Elijah: Jack Bauer of the Old Testament, Spiritual Living, Christian Faith

I was honored to have an article chosen as one of Crosswalk.com's top ten articles of the year. It is the article: "Elijah, Jack Bauer of the Old Testament." Here is an excerpt: There’s a part of Elijah’s life that doesn’t often get told. This is the scene that would get left on the cutting room floor. This is the chapter the editor would delete. You turn to 1 Kings 19 and you can hardly believe what you read. This is just after Elijah’s epic spiritual victory on Mt. Carmel, so you’d think you’d find Elijah celebrating. But there’s no postgame champagne for this guy. Instead, we find this Bible superhero in the fetal position, miles from the city, under a juniper tree. He’s crying and asking God to take his life. This is not something we expect from our superheroes. They are made of something bigger than this. They don’t cry. They don’t break down. They...

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Can We Stop Bashing the Church Now?

This is an early preview of my Crosswalk Column for next week:

If I had a dollar for every Debbie Downer book on the American church, I’d make Warren Buffet look like a poverty-stricken college freshman.

It seems every single day, Christian pollsters, pastors, authors, and just ordinary folks are telling us that the American church is basically fat, lazy, and doesn’t care. And if we don’t do certain things (the seven points in their book), the church will cease to exist.

But I don’t see it. In fact, I’m excited about the next generation of believers, especially among the young people I see.