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Guardrails and Grace | Covenant Eyes

I wrote a guest blog for the Covenant Eyes blog on the interaction between guardrails and grace. Here's an excerpt: A few years ago, Angela and I decided we were going to vacation somewhere in the Carolinas. We settled on Myrtle Beach. So our journey took us through the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and on through North Carolina. The view was breathtaking. Steep gorges. Waterfalls. Lush valleys. We actually stayed in Asheville for a few nights. I told Angela that I could easily live there.But there is one caveat about visiting the mountains. Sometimes the drive up can be a bit harrowing. Driving through Tennessee and North Carolina, there were a few moments where I had my hands firmly at 10 and 2, driving slowly and making sure I kept my eyes on the road.It is in those dangerous passes that I was most thankful for the guardrails. Those guardrails didn’t...

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Why the Internet is Full of Temptations (and what we can do about it)

A few weeks ago, I signed up for the service, Covenant Eyes as a way of holding myself accountable for my online activity. The reason I chose Covenant Eyes is because it came highly recommended by pastors and Christian leaders. I like Covenant Eyes because it’s more than simply a filter, it’s accountability.

Today, Luke Gilkerson, editor of the Breaking Free blog offers a helpful guest post on the importance of Internet accountability.