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How to Easily Subscribe to Podcasts in iTunes

I'm a huge fan of podcasting and I strongly encourage folks to use this terrific technology to listen to some of the best preaching in America. It's free and its right at our fingertips. How better to redeem your commute? But for some, subscribing to a podcast might as well be Greek. How do you get started? Well I recently helped a friend get his new iPhone all set subscribing to podcasts. So I thought I'd post the instructions I gave him here. So below you fill find step-by-step instructions:   To Subscribe to A New Podcast: 1)    Open up iTunes on your computer 2)    In iTunes, open up the iTunes store (left side, middle screen in iTunes), right above “ping” and below “Store” 3)    In the search box, on the upper right hand side, type in the name of the podcast or personality/preacher/ministry name. For instance: Insight for Living Family Life Today Focus on the Family Matt Chandler or...

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