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5 Reasons Why Pastors Should Write

I'm a pastor who writes, but I know I'm not alone. In fact, many, many pastors around the world supplement their teaching ministry with a writing ministry. God blessed me with a writing ministry before I assumed the pulpit at Gages Lake Bible Church almost four years ago, but it has only been enhanced as I've now got the perspective of a pastor and increased time in the Word of God. But not everyone is sure pastors should write books. There are legitimate reasons perhaps. Maybe it takes time away from the ministry (though it doesn't have to). Maybe it confuses the vocational calling (are you a pastor or a writer?). I've had pastors tell me I shouldn't write another book. I've had pastors tell me I shouldn't stop writing. I'm a bit biased, given my years in publishing prior to the pastorate, but I happen to think writing, in some form...

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Preaching Through James

This last year I finished a series through the book of James entitled, Authentic Faith. I divided up this book into 15 messages and gave the congregation the entire outline of the series before we began. It was a terrific study, one that challenged me as a preacher and offered a great challenge for our church. James is one of those books that is not very difficult to figure out in that it is written directly to the church. Sure there are some cultural considerations to consider, of course, but not as much as other books. James was plain-spoken, speaking in the wisdom literature style of the Hebrew Scriptures. I thought I would post some of the resources I used as I made my way through this book. Be Mature by Warren Wiersbe This is part of Wiersbe's highly acclaimed "Be" Series. I actually have the entire series, compiled as the Biblical Exposition Series....

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