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Chuck Colson and Hope for the Next Generation

In January, Russell Moore wrote a provocative column entitled, "The Next Billy Graham Might Be Drunk Right Now." It was a terrific column pushing back against some of the handwringing among evangelicals about the lack of good leadership for the future. His premise was simple: God may be in the process of raising a leader who is currently lost and enslaved to sin. I thought of Moore's column as I contemplated the death of Chuck Colson. Here was a man who was not originally on a trajectory to a be a spiritual leader in his generation. He was a political animal. He was lost in his sins. Like Paul, he was not a friend of Christians. And yet God did a work in his life and transformed him into someone whose ministry led millions of the incarcerated to Christ. I imagine sometime in the 1970's, evangelical leaders wrang their hands at the state of...

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