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Between Eden and Heaven

When I get to do leisure reading--reading that isn't for ministry or school--I usually choose biographies. While I love to read about a wide variety of people, my favorite are American Presidents. I just got back from vacation where I consumed the very interesting book, Ike and Dick, a recent work focusing on the relationship between Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon. I know. It's an obsession without a cure. I'm a nerd this way. But indulge me for a moment and let me tell you what energizes me about reading presidential biographies. Reading history reinforces to me the grand narrative of the story the Bible tells. Here are three reasons: First,I'm reminded that nothing is accidental and that God is gathering all of history to Himself. Even if all you study is American history, you realize how fragile it is. A few different choices, a few votes here or there and...

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How God Uses Relationships to Make You Better

Everyone wants to be better. Self-improvement gurus call it, well, self-improvement. Wise people and many in the church call it growth. The Bible calls this process sanctification. And for the Christian, sanctification is not merely the process by which you become a nice, better person. Pretty much all religions and even quasi-non religions do that. Even Richard Dawkins, I'm thinking, is okay with growth. Sanctification is something deeper, better, richer. The Bible asserts a bold idea that Christians--those who believe, know and follow Jesus Christ--have something deeper going onside them. They have God in them through the presence of the Holy Spirit. Christianity, at it's truest form, is not really about getting better by self-improvement, but about dying to your old self and seeing the life of Christ form in you. It's a spiritual thing. It's a supernatural thing. But how does God accomplish this? Or, perhaps a better question, what...

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