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Friday Five: Matt K. Lewis

Matt Lewis (@mattklewis) is a conservative journalist, blogger, and political pundit whose work appears at The Daily Caller. He has also appeared in publications like Politico, The Guardian, New York Magazine, The Washington Post, and New York Magazine. He is a sought-after guest on television, making regular appearances on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, ABC NEWS, and others. Recently, Business Insider named Matt one of the 50 “Pundits You Need To Pay Attention To Between Now And The Election." He is also the author of The Quotable Rogue. Matt also hosts his own podcast where he interviews leaders from across the cultural spectrum. I enjoy Matt's work not simply because he's conservative like me, but because I find him to be intellectually fair, a rare trait among political bloggers and commentators. I've had the chance to interact with him on Twitter and have interviewed him for a project on the pro-life movement. Matt graciously agreed...

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