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In Defense of Christian Bookstores, Christian Publishers, and Southern Baptists

It seems there are three, quick, easy, cheap ways to score points if you're a hip, up-and-coming evangelical. Say something negative about Christian bookstores, Christian publishers, and/or Southern Baptists. If you hit on a criticism of all three, you'll really get a lot of back pats and your blog will probably have a lot of new unique visitors. You might even get a book deal. You'll definitely want to buy those cool, new "Rob Bell" glasses. At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, I'm going to defend this seeming unholy trifecta, the supposed enemies of Christian awesomeness. A few weeks ago there was a big controversy about Lifeway Christian stores. In response to a pastor from Florida, Lifeway pulled the movie, Blindside from their stores because of some objectionable content. (for the record, I highly recommend the movie. It's great). It's apparently an evergreen story, because I keep reading fresh blog posts on...

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Friday Five Interview – Dr. Johnny Hunt

Dr. Johnny Hunt is a well-known pastor, especially to America’s largest body of evangelical churches, the 44 million member Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Hunt is the Senior Pastor of one of the largest SBC churches in America, 1st Baptist Church of Woodstock (Georgia) and has served as President of the Pastor’s Conference. In 2008, he was elected as President of the Southern Baptist Convention and served from 2008 to 2010.  He has disciple thousands of men through his popular men’s conference and is a mentor to pastors, who regularly attend his Timothy/Barnabas retreats.

I’m honored to chat with Dr. Hunt, who stopped by for today’s Friday Five: